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About Delivery

& Installation

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Delivery day is fun and exciting for both children and parents. Here are a few things to know to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible. 

  • We can work with a slope of 12’’ over 20’.

  • We will dig down or block up the set to get it level

  • If you are wanting to level the area, that must be done before we arrive.

  • Most sets without mulch and border take about 1 to 2 hours.

  • We bring the towers in as fully constructed as possible. This means:

  • We need an entrance at least 2’’ wider than your tower.

  • Low hanging branches, balconies, ect. can cause a problem.

  • Steep hills or difficult terrain can block our delivery.

  • We cannot lift the sets up or down stairs or over obstacles as the playsets are very heavy.

  • If you cannot be present, mark the area with flags.

  • We don’t mind an audience but we ask children to stay a safe distance from the install crew as they install the set. 

  • Due to their weight and design, the playsets do not need to be anchored into the ground.

  • We do use 18’’ rebar spikes to anchor the ends of the swing beam frames.

  • If you ordered your own mulch, be sure to not place mulch prior to Swing Set installation


What do you do if you don’t have an entrance wide enough for the set? There are two options.

  • Our crews can take down a section of fence and put it back up for a small fee.

  • We can do a build on site. This involves us bringing the set in as a kit and building it from scratch at the job site. There is a build on site fee since this does take a considerable amount of time to do. 

Each Swing Set is

-Hand Crafted


-Delivered and Installed

-Backed by Warranty

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Who is King Swings?

King Swings is a family owned, Amish built, Lancaster, PA company.


We believe in play.


We believe in making new friends on a free summer day while swinging together. 

We believe in cool evenings out late with mom and dad sliding, climbing, and playing. 

After all, it is not about what we build, it is about what your children build with it.

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